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Negatives by Xu Yong

In cooperation with Verlag Kettler and K26 Sino-German Art Association, The PhotoBookMuseum is publishing its second photobook.

Xu Yong documents the 1989 student protests at Tiananmen Square in Beijing which ended in a massacre. For the photobook he simply reproduced his negatives. The function “Invert colors” on a mobile phone or tablet will reveal positive images of the exposures. In this way, Yong provides a ghostly and at the same time unaltered view of the events.

Verlag Kettler



Legitimacy of Landscape von Yaakov Israel

We are happy to announce the PhotoBookMuseum´s first photobook publication.

Legitimacy of Landscape is a visual exploration of Arab, Bedouin and Druze villages in Israel / Palestine..

Verlag Kettler


David Alan Harvey
(based on a true story)

Language: english

(based on a true story) by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey is a photo novella, which can be told in many ways. The location is Rio de Janeiro, and the reader can follow the protagonist into the different worlds of an amazing city in which poor and rich live side by side together with sin, drugs parties and beach life.


Directeur Markus Schaden
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The Carlswerk Edition

19 August to 12 October 2014
Cologne-Mülheim, Carlswerk

Over 30 exhibitions illustrate the wide variety of styles and contents of photobooks from around the world. Of these, one group (PhotoBookHistory) are historical overviews. Another group of exhibitions focus on outstanding examples of current photobooks (NewDocuments). Developed by Markus Schaden, PhotoBookStudies are a completely new way of approaching the PhotoBookStudies. Plus ProjectWork, SpecialRooms and a substantial array of supporting programs.